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The growing human population depletes Earth’s finite resources, like water, arable land, and fuels. Pollution, available habitat, and climate change threaten the survival of all species. But we can stop population growth by protecting human health and human rights.

Help us improve the lives of people around the world.

Help Us Improve the Lives of People Around the World

Let's send all kids, girls and boys, to school.

Let's give women financial literacy and economic independence.

Let's improve maternal and child health.

Let's prevent unwanted pregnancies.

Let's stop child marriage.

Let's learn how to protect animals and plants.

Help us explain global population.

Every second worldwide, five people are born and two people die, leaving three more humans on Earth. That’s approximately 180 more people per minute or 9,000 more people per hour. This rapid rate of population growth has serious implications, such as 237,000 more people needing to be fed each night, space to live, and safe water to drink. But this trajectory of growth is unnecessary and has simple solutions. Half of the world’s pregnancies are unintended and 25 percent are unwanted. If we protect the rights of girls and women to determine if and when they want children, which should be a basic human right, we can improve individual lives and protect the planet.

We need the human health and human rights enhancing approach to population. Population stabilization is controversial for a number of reasons, but especially because population interventions based on demographic targets have seen coercive methods — resulting in horrific human rights abuses. Coercion is the opposite of education and empowerment. The correct approach is giving people genuine choices and letting people make their own decisions and making sure that every child is a wanted child.

Join us to improve lives and impact population.

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